Investor Meetup

ImpactCity & World Bio Markets Investor Meetup

9 May, 17:00 - 19:00, Titaan, Saturnusstraat 95, 2651 AG, The Hague

ImpactCity and World Bio Markets are delighted to be co hosting their first Investor Meetup.


The Investor Meetup will take place the evening before World Bio Markets 2023.


The Meetup aims to connect and forge new relationships between The Hagues investor community and those financial institutions who are attending World Bio Markets.


The Meetup is for both investors who currently have an impact and bioeconomy portfolio and for those investors who are interested in learning more about the sector and expanding their network.


Coming together, sharing knowledge and exchanging ideas is the best way of accelerating the transition to a fossil free economy.


This relaxed and informal event is free to attend, with wine and canapes being provided throughout the evening.


This special event is for investors and financial institutions only and is limited to 30 people.


Please click here to register your interest.