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Why World Bio Markets is more important than ever

We are facing rapidly evolving socio-economic and environmental challenges that have us on a collision course with some of humanity’s most existential threats. We need to act fast to avert disaster. Fortunately, human ingenuity and technical innovation are keeping pace with change and offering hope for a future that will enable us to sustainably fuel, clothe, feed and heal a growing population on a rapidly evolving planet.
World Bio Markets 2020 is at the nexus of this revolution, attracting the innovators that are driving tangible results from lab to market.

Our planet is in grave danger and time is quickly running out. We’re all aware that the world is changing at a rapid rate. We’re moving beyond the Holocene into a new epoch where humankind’s influence can be seen and felt across the globe; from the plastics in our oceans, and the heavy metals in our soil, to the climate change in the skies above. We cannot carry on as we are, time is running out.

Consumers are demanding brands enact sustainable change. Government and big business are aware of the need for change, and increasing public demand is forcing action. Brands can no long sit on the side-lines and pay lip service to sustainability. They must act to meet consumer demands by innovating across their value chains and supply chains, whilst also remaining cost competitive.

Renewable bio chemicals and materials offer a solution. Increased investment is driving innovation process engineering, conversion and scale-up technologies. This is bringing to market a new range of renewable bio chemicals, materials and products that add value and compete on price vs. petrochemical alternatives, offering viable solutions to the sustainability challenges facing big business and our planet.

World Bio Markets is the leading global platform connecting the bio industry value chain from lab to market and driving change through commercially viable innovation. Join us to connect with the regulators, investors, chemical and material companies, industrial biotech innovators, and end market brands. Meet the companies focused on scaling efficient, competitive, value added, end market, and end of life solutions.

We focus solely on this one industry and strive to serve it as best as possible. If you have any suggestions or feedback or want to get involved, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with one of the team. You can find us below.