Port of Amsterdam Site Visit

Limited places available, reserved on a first come, first reserved basis.

The biobased and circular ‘ecosystem’ creation at the Port of Amsterdam

The transition from a linear fossil-based economy to the new biobased circular economy is underway. Port of Amsterdam, together with the companies in the port, is striving to accelerate this transition to sustainable industry by creating ‘industrial ecosystems’ in the Westpoort area of the city. By bringing together companies, activities and knowledge, Port of Amsterdam is creating industrial symbiosis which ensures efficient, effective and economic use of either waste- or organic feedstocks. Innovative technology combined with advanced logistics and the support network of Port of Amsterdam makes production of both biobased products and recycled secondary commodities possible in Amsterdam.

On 29th March Port of Amsterdam invites World Bio Market delegates to visit the port area to discover more about the biobased and circular clusters that are growing into new industrial ecosystems in the port area. Looking specifically at the circular plastics cluster, delegates will see how waste flows from the Amsterdam Metropolitan Region (AMR) are being collected, sorted, separated, processed and effectively reused and redistributed. During the excursion participants will visit Plastic Recycling Amsterdam which uses ground-breaking techniques to transform post-consumer waste into high quality, high purity recycled feedstock for the plastic packaging industry. The growing industrial ecosystems in the port area will be explained and discussed and visitors will be able to see first hand the ongoing transition away from the fossil based economy which is now taking place in the Netherlands.

Those wishing to attend the site visit must add on the ‘Morning Site Visit & Afternoon Workshop’ during the registration process. The price to attend on the 29th March is €500, or €250 for start-ups and academics who qualify for the concession rate.