SynBio Markets

This year we are co-locating the events, offering huge additional benefits to both communities

Building on the successful launch event in 2019, SynBio Markets 2021 will once again connect synthetic biology investors, academics and innovators to commercial end market customers across a variety of sectors. Register for World Bio Markets and you can attend the SynBio Markets conference for free, running on the same days in the same venue.

This year, 40+ synbio specific keynotes, presentations, workshops and panels will cover the most important topics including: legislation & regulation, investment & start-ups, mitigating climate change, conception to retail, scale-up, data driven design, application selection and interfacing software with hardware.

• Gain a deep understanding of the potential of synthetic biology and how it could impact your industry
• Hear from synbio leaders on their experiences of successfully turning potential into profit with real world, end market applications
• Discover how synthetic biology can significantly impact the global effort to tackle climate change and other pressing sustainability issues.
• Attendees of both events have the opportunity to learn about companies and connect with individuals who they may not have otherwise, but who may lead to unexpected business opportunities
• By cross-pollinating the audiences we are truly connecting the whole value chain and making World Bio Markets the once a year, go-to event in Europe for all your bio economy business development needs.