Following the 2018 event, and looking ahead to the 2019 event.

"Overall one of the best conferences I've attended"

We look forward to World Bio Markets 2019 as it provides an excellent opportunity to connect with experts in the field of Bio-economy, discuss potential solutions for the future of apparel, and discover the innovations that will shape the industry of tomorrow. At VF Corporation, we believe that biomaterials will play a crucial role in the future of our industry and we are pleased to share with the audience our steps to adopt climate beneficial wool.

Julian Lings
Sustainability Manager
The North Face
World Bio Markets is a well-organised event that attracts many commercial people from the biochemistry sector as well as C-level people. In short: the event offers access to an interesting crowd that has decision-making powers within their respective companies at a prime location. The organisers were willing to think with us about what would bring most value to us, rather than referring us to standard packages. The international exposure that can be gained from participating in World Bio Markets is important for us as well as for our partners and we were hard-pressed to find that exposure anywhere else so close to home.

Tomas van Stappen
Foreign Investments Manager
Flanders Investment & Trade
I am very excited to attend the 2019 World Bio Markets conference and get inspired and educated with more perspectives of this evolving market where sharing is the only way forward. I will share a bit about the Light My Fire journey - moving away from petroleum to bio-based and what our challenges have been and what great opportunities we have found.

Calill Odqvist Jagusch
Light My Fire
The substitution of fossil raw materials by biofeedstocks has became more important in the past few years, facilitating a more circular economy. Nevertheless, there are still concerns about the sustainability of bio-based raw materials at certain stakeholders. At the World Bio Markets conference, BASF will present various strategies promoting bioeconomy for a more sustainable future.The conference will gather many important stakeholders to discuss important issues for setting the ground for a growing bioeconomy. I am looking forward to this exciting event.

Dr. Christian Krueger
Corporate Sustainability Strategy Expert
BioVale will be exhibiting at World Bio Markets for the first time in 2019 and we are looking forward to networking with some key players in the bio-based economy, particularly brand names. BioVale is an innovation cluster and we will be bringing some of our cluster members with us to benefit from the new knowledge and new contacts that this event will provide.

Dr Sarah Hickingbottom
I am very excited to present at World Bio Markets 2019 to discuss Arbiom’s bioprocessing and fermentation technology, which produces a high-quality protein ingredient for animal feed from wood that that is nutritional, economical, traceable and sustainable. Our focus is on conserving the health and resources of our planet, and I look forward to connecting with like-minded organisations at the event as we work towards this common goal.

Emily Glenn
Business Development Director
World Bio Markets 2019 gives us the opportunity to share our expertise and potential in using our technology platform CelluAPP when designing biorefineries. The platform enables the fractionation of biomass into both sugar, lignin and ethanol platform towards various green chemicals, biobased materials and advanced biofuels. By attending the World Bio Markets 2019, we see opportunities to create collaborations with other related companies to enhance the fossil-free transition.

Monica Normark, PhD
Project Manager & Development Engineer,
SEKAB E-Technology AB
The World Bio Markets Conference in Amsterdam was a great opportunity to learn about companies and organizations across the whole renewables value chain, from farmers and resource managers, feedstock converters and bio-engineers, chemical manufacturers, polymer resin producers, large and small consumer product makers, to logistics and technology support firms and governmental bodies and NGOs. The schedule was very full but there were opportunities to engage with speakers during the panel discussions and networking breaks. The organizers provided a ready mechanism and rooms for scheduling individual meetings that were quite productive since the right people (i.e. thought-leaders and decision-makers) were in attendance. The speakers and panelists were well prepared and the session chairs/panel moderators were effective at raising challenging issues. Overall, one of best conferences I’ve attended.

Steve Cohen
Director, Catalyst and Chemicals Technology
At Procter & Gamble, we believe that our brands can enable and inspire responsible consumption through superior performance and by committing to a positive impact on society and the environment, aligned with the brand purpose. We have and will continue to launch a number of initiatives for our Fabric Care business as part of our company Ambition 2030. Serving five billion people gives us the unique opportunity to promote conversations, influence attitudes, change behaviour and help the consumers who use our brands have a positive impact. During 2019 event, we will be presenting some specific examples of our actions to continue our sustainability journey. Plant-based ingredients are an important part of our strategy and we look forward to explain more specific elements we use to assess them in light of their environmental impact and our company purpose.  World Bio Markets is a great opportunity to meet key business players and understand trends the sector is going after.

Guillaume Lebert
Sustainability Senior Scientist
I’m very much looking forward to the 2019 version of the World Bio Markets, where I will share an update of the H&M group’s activities on bio-based materials and products. WBM is a great networking space bringing together various actors from the value chain I also envision to make new contacts for future collaborations.

Mattias Bodin
Sustainability Business Expert, Materials & Innovation
At MycoNourish, we harness the power of beneficial microbes to enhance crop production and add value for growers. We are really looking forward to attending World Bio Markets 2019, and the opportunity to connect with a diverse range of stakeholders within in the bio-based industry. Events like this are vital to foster the development of the industry, and they open the doors to new relationships, as well as providing insights into key issues within the sector.

Dr Peter Orrell
Founder & CEO
MycoNourish Limited
Very well organized event and a good place to network with relevant stakeholders within the whole value chain of bio-based industry.

Risto Vapola
Technical Manager
Neste Corporation
At least half of all our clothing is based on bio-materials. C&A Foundation believes fashion can be a force for good and strives for changing the growth of cotton to organic cotton. We also support the development of harvesting viscose from agricultural materials instead of harvesting in pristine forests, through our partnership with Canopy (Vancouver). As Head of Circular Transformation, I’m glad to be at the World Bio Markets 2019 to share insights in the development of ‘circular fashion’ and discuss how new business models can transform this industry for better.

Douwe Jan Joustra
Head of Circular Fashion
C&A Foundation
We are looking forward to World Bio Markets 2019 as an opportunity to share, to network and to learn. During the 2019 event we will be providing an update on Ginkgo's progress in advancing synthetic biology to meet the growing needs for more sustainable solutions across a broad range of applications, and the opportunity to network with, and learn about the progress of key market players in the bio-economy

Matthew McKnight
Chief Commercial Officer
Ginkgo Bioworks
World Bio Markets 2018 was a fantastic conference for our company. It allowed us to understand the latest issues facing the bio economy and learn about the new technologies and business approaches being developed. In addition to the information, we were able to make a number of strategic introductions that can lead to long term partnerships.

Jeff Brown
The 2019 World Bio Markets conference is an exciting confluence of like-minded producers and consumers of bioproduct technologies. Prisma Renewable Composites is looking forward to attend this event with visionaries and entrepreneurs who are changing the way the world thinks about our environment, our goods, and our possibilities. We hope to meet everyone there!

Timothy Richter, PE, PMP
Operations Manager
ChainCraft is happy to present itself at the World Bio Markets. We will speak about our commercial demonstration plant which has been realised in the port of Amsterdam. The WBM is a great podium to announce our next steps and involve end-users and brands in our developments.

Niels Van Stralen
At Modern Meadow, we believe that collaboration between design, biology and material science can lead to smarter ways to produce and design biologically advanced materials. I am excited to share the recent progress we’ve made on our pioneering biofabrication technology unlocking the power of nature to offer new design possibilities.

Dave Williamson
Chief Technology Officer
Modern Meadow
World Bio Markets 2019 is a fantastic opportunity to meet the leaders of the bio-economy, collaborate in finding new solutions and learn from those on the cutting edge of innovation. Building a truly sustainable bio-economy is an exciting journey and has led RSB to develop the world’s most robust sustainability standard and ground-breaking solutions for those using wastes and residues in the production of fuels and products. I look forward to leading a discussion on how we can build a sustainable and circular bio-economy that ensures social and environmental safeguards while reducing climate impacts. I will be introducing you to cutting edge thinking around wastes, including our positive impacts approach and displacement effects methodology as well as showcasing some of the most exciting work being done by our partners globally. Looking forward to meeting you there.

Rolf Hogan    
Executive Director
Roundtable on Sustainable Biomaterials         
Smart bio-based solutions will enable us contributing to reversing climate change, supporting radical decarbonization and creating human carbon sinks. Developing circular products with bio-based waste streams is key and at World Bio Markets in Amsterdam many of the solutions available today will be shared. By attending I am very eager to learn about new developments that can support our Climate Take Back goal to become a regenerative company.          

Geanne Van Arkel
Head of sustainable development
As well as presentations giving up-to-date state-of-the-art information, at this conference every opportunity turns into a networking meeting with biotech leaders from around the world; it felt like home.

Marcel van Berkel
Project Director
Bio-Based Delta
Black Bear, a circular economy company extracting high-quality materials from end-of-life tires, is excited for its first participation in the WBM event. We believe expertise and passion but mostly cooperation to be of crucial importance in successfully developing sustainable products. For that reason, we are very much looking forward to sharing our concept and gaining insights from all the others attendees.    

Martijn Lopes Cardozo
Black Bear 
We’re really looking forward to being part of Work Bio Markets 2019 - this is a fantastic forum to showcase our company its microwave technology right in the heartland of the European bioeconomy.

Ken McGrath
Managing Director
Ashleigh Environmental
Sustainability and the circular economy is a vital part of Orthex Group strategy, for us it is a choice for the environment, for business success and for the future. I am happy to share how Orthex has put the strategy into action through an example of ground breaking new products. We are all the time looking for inspiration and new opportunities to be a bigger part of the fast growing bio-economy, therefore I am especially looking forward to the World Bio Market 2019 event.

Alexander Rosenlew