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  • World Bio Markets 2019 was a real source of inspiration. Meetings were well organized and productive, my only problem was the impossibility to attend all sessions, next year I'll bring more people.
    Antoine Gouteyron
  • World Bio Markets event is a real opportunity to be updated about the new technologies/materials, the advantages, issues and challenges in this field, and of course is a great way to make contacts.
    Audrey Galvan
  • This event was a perfect occasion to meet all the participants to the value chain of the green market approach and to share the different visions to achieve the same results of a sustainable future for us and our children.
    Antonio Amico
  • What has been possible to produce from oil, is now doable based on biomass. World Bio Markets shows the technologies and business models leading to this new carbon-neutral economy.
    Sulev Alajoe
  • World Bio Markets gives an opportunity to hear from and network with delegates from large brands to small start-ups from across the bioeconomy with a common goal of a more sustainable future.
    Joyce Bennett
  • World Bio Markets offers for participants the right number and size of industries due to its medium-size, and thus enables many dedicated discussion and a good overview of the main players in the field of bio-based industries.
    Tim Börner
  • The conference is interesting both on a professional level to meet players from other industries and do business, but also on a personal level because it makes us think about the way we consume.
    Lea Ortiz-Bustinza
  • The event provides an excellent opportunity to stay up-to-date with the broader biobased industry and provides excellent networking opportunities across the biobased value chain.
    Floris Buijzen

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The 2019 event had three streams of content

Taking you on the journey from lab to market, with a spotlight on the most innovative and successful verticals (plastics, packaging, food, agriculture, textiles, apparel, cosmetics, personal care) find out how the bio-based industry really works.
Gain a deep understanding of bio-based chemical & product manufacturing, with extensive detail on the technical processes, the path to commercialisation, and real insights to the challenges, solutions and areas of growth available.
Looking at the questions the public are asking, and how bio-based and sustainable products can provide the answers, along with practicable, & commercially viable organisational change to successfully implement.