1-2-1 Meetings

How do the pre-arranged 1-2-1 meetings work?

Pre-arranging meetings with other attendees is the most efficient way of meeting potential new customers and partners and removes the element of luck from networking.

As we now travel less for business, it is imperative that when we do, we maximise our time and the opportunities available to us.

Our pre-arranged meetings format removes the element of luck from traditional networking and provides the most cost and time efficient way of connecting with potential new customers and partners.

Here’s how it works:




Purchase either a sponsorship package or a Delegate Plus Pass (only sponsors or people with a Delegate Plus Pass can pre-arrange meetings).


Submit details

Eight weeks out from the event you will be asked to complete a short form outlining the type of business you are and the type of businesses you wish to meet.


Access planner

Four weeks out from the event the online meeting planner will open, allowing you to view fellow attendee profiles, search by specific criteria and pre-arrange 1-2-1 meetings.

At the event


Download app

You will receive meeting reminders throughout the day via the meeting app and your mobile phone.



Your meetings with our sponsors will take place in their branded and dedicated meeting space. Meetings with other delegates will take place in the Delegate 2 Delegate meeting tables.



All of your meetings will take place in your dedicated meeting space.



You can check your schedule and arrange new meetings at our registration desk.

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