The 14th annual World Bio Markets - the leading assembly for the bio-based economy

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Connecting global brands with the bio-based value chain
Taking you on the journey from lab to market, with a spotlight on some of the most innovative and successful verticals, find out how the whole bio-based industry really works.
Scaling to commercial success
Gain a deep understanding of bio-based chemical & product manufacturing, with extensive detail on the technical processes, the path to commercialisation, and real insights to the challenges, solutions and areas of growth available.
Considering the consumer
Looking at the questions the public are asking, and how bio-based and sustainable products can provide the answers, along with practicable, & commercially viable organisational change to successfully implement.

  • Great opportunity to network and keep abreast of bio materials developments around the world.
    Steve Rodgers
  • Excellent experience as a new person to the bio market
    Peter OLoughlin
  • The World Bio Markets conference was a great experience. I will be back next year
    Reimer Ivang
  • I really enjoyed this event as it brought very good networking experience.
    Jorge Martinez Gacio
  • The event was beyond expectation
    Con Theeuwen
  • Very professional show
    Holger Bühler
  • The biggest issue was running out of business cards.
    Jurjen Spekreijse
  • Great forum to meet market oriented people in the field!
    Jere Koskinen

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