Across two days of conference sessions at World Bio Markets 2024 you’ll learn about a wide variety of topics influencing and shaping the bioeconomy and bio-based solutions from industry-leading bio-based pioneers.


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Welcome & Opening Remarks

Paul MacDonald, Partner & Head of Community, World Bio Markets



PVH/Tommy Hilfiger Innovation & Ecovative: “A Natural Collaboration”

The Innovation Team of PVH/Tommy Hilfiger and innovator Ecovative will share how they collaborate to explore the potential of mycelium materials. Together, on a journey of testing and trialing these natural elements to craft next-generation materials for future accessories and footwear products.

Margherita Guaschino, Product Innovation Manager, PVH/Tommy Hilfiger

Gavin McIntyre, Co-Founder & Chief Commercialization Officer, Ecovative


Panel Discussion + Q&A

Collaborate to Innovate: Working across the value chain to drive sustainable change in the chemical industry and beyond

Implementing and accelerating innovative sustainable chemical solutions and materials will require collaboration across the value chain. Representatives from the traditional and bio-chemical manufacturers and downstream users will discuss the various requirements and collaborative efforts to drive adoption of sustainable solutions across the chemical industry and beyond.

Hosted by Philippe Pouchot-Rouge, Vice President Sales EMEA, ADM BioSolutions, ADM

Robert Nolles, Trusted Advisor & Business Development Expert
Lucy Nattrass, Principal, AFRY
Yap Chie Cheung, Managing Director Renewable Chemistries, Avantium
Thomas Canova, Head of Renewable Materials & Biotechnology Platform, Syensqo


Opening new markets with DMC’s Made to Scale™ technology

An insight into DMC’s novel Made to Scale™ technology and DMC’s commercial efforts to launch two new supplements in 2025. The presentation will also highlight how DMC is collaborating with leading chemical producers to develop and advance efficient bioprocesses for other chemical and nutrition products.

Rusty Pittman, Vice President Business Development, DMC


Sustainable solutions that transform consumers’ lives and experiences - sustainable material innovation, opportunities & challenges

IFF is a creator, innovator and manufacturer for food, health, biosciences and scent solutions and is also serving the personal and home care market-place. IFF is focused on innovation enabling unique product categories to drive sustainable growth and biotechnology takes center stage as the enabling platform technology. Creating a better world at IFF means understanding how we can leverage our business, our performance and our partners for people and planet.

Christian Lenges, Venture Director, IFF


Unlocking the Future: Innovative Wood-Pulp Solutions

Renewable wood fibres can replace fossil-based materials and reduce carbon footprint. A leading producer of pulp, timber, and bioproducts, Metsä Fibre presents the unique qualities of Nordic wood to advance bioeconomy and circular economy. Discover how our resource-efficient mills turn pulp and their side streams into valuable biochemicals, and new bioproducts.

Katja Salmenkivi, Sales Director, Metsä Fibre


Leveraging the power of microorganisms and fermentation to build a sustainable industry

At Leaf, we are committed to accelerating the transition towards a more sustainable industry. Driven by the conviction that fermentation is one of the answers to today’s challenges, we collaborate with players from all sectors to design high-performance bio-based solutions. We support our partners whatever the stage they are at, in turning their biobased projects into industrial reality.

Chloé Marteel, Marketing & Communication Manager, Leaf by Lesaffre


Hyperscaling levoglucosenone, a novel bio-based platform for the development of specialty chemicals

From vision to reality: the journey of hyperscaling LGO and Cyrene, bio-based chemicals used in a variety of applications in different industries. With our imminent 1000-tonne plant commissioning in France, we will highlight some of the market developments for LGO and Cyrene(tm).

Alessandro Napoli, Vice President – Product Development, Circa Group


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I’ve smelled the future

Lignin is one of the world’s most abundant natural raw materials that can replace fossil fuel plastics and reduce C02 emission!
Are you looking for ways to dramatically reduce your carbon footprint but still maintain the performance, the properties and the quality of your current plastics?

Fredrik Malmfors, CEO, Lignin Industries


The new innovation hub for alternative proteins

Protein Port is a newly established network situated in the province of Zuid-Holland. It is an innovation hub for research and development and serving as a catalyst for collaboration in alternative proteins. The network supports early stage orgaisations in research and development, as well as scaling up and commercialisation.

Bram Kerssemakers, Program Manager, Protein Port Network


Renewable polymers are emerging as a critical component in the green transition

Renewable chemicals introduce new and complex challenges. Barriers in process simplification, regulation and cost reduction need attention. Key is partnering along value chain; academia, industry stakeholders, off-takers and government. AlfaLaval contributes unique expertise, process equipment and demonstration capabilities, which derisk scale up and dramatically cut cost and development time.

Karin Forsberg, President BU Energy Separation, VP Energy Division, Alfa Laval Technologies AB


Panel Discussion + Q&A

Set your GPS to scaleup - bumpy cobblestones or smooth asphalt?

A panel of bruised, nerdy, damaged, misunderstood and normal individuals will discuss (I mean argue) about who should make up your syndicate. Who you need, who you don’t and do you need everyone along for the journey the whole time?

Hosted by Rob van der Meij, Partner, Capricorn Partners

Jason Robinson, CEO, Evoco

Mark Weustink, Head of Sustainable Investments/Managing Director, ING

Nicolas Sordet, CEO, AFYREN


A competitive bioeconomy for a sustainable future - The Circular Bio-based Europe Joint Undertaking

Since 2014, the public-private partnership Circular Bio-based Europe Joint Undertaking (CBE JU) has invested over €3.7 billion in 160+ projects developing the highly innovative, resource-efficient and competitive bio-based sector in Europe. New funding opportunities for all bioeconomy stakeholders open every year.

Virginia Puzzolo, Head of CBE JU Programme Unit, Circular Bio-based Europe Joint Undertaking (CBE JU)


Advancing Sustainable Innovation with Bio-VERA™

Modern Meadow is pleased to announce the successful scale-up of its Bio-VERA material, which marks a critical milestone as it positions Bio-VERA as a leading sustainable alternative to traditional leather. The advanced production capabilities allow for more efficient manufacturing processes, reducing waste, and improving product uniformity. Our strategic focus on the Bio-VERA family with its >90% sustainable content aligns with the growing demand for sustainable materials across multiple industries.

David Williamson, President & Chief Operating Officer, Modern Meadow


Networking lunch


Panel Discussion + Q&A

Scaling up bio production for the global marketplace

Hear from international bio producers and startups on the journey of scaling up biobased businesses to reach global markets. Gain insights on industry trends, major growth opportunities, fast bio adopters, and important legislation.

Hosted by K.C Belitz, Director, Nebraska Department of Economic Development

Billy Hagstrom, CEO & Co-Founder, Bluestem Biosciences

Peter Steen Mortensen, Public Affairs, Novonesis
Sarah Jelken, Vice President Industrial Segment – Starches, Sweeteners & Texturizers, Cargill
Timothy Bauer, Vice President, Green Plains


Sustainable solutions for packaging and construction from forest biomaterials

Learn how to leverage nature’s superpolymer to deliver functionality needed to replace fossil derived materials. Nanocellulose is commercially produced from wood and other cellulosic materials using mechanical processes – no chemistry required. Sustainable forest fiber derived nanocellulose – the solution from oil/grease barriers for packaging to replacements for formaldehyde in fiberboard.

Dr Colleen Walker, Director of UMaine’s Process Development Center, University of Maine


Panel Discussion + Q&A

An insight into the fast moving sustainable innovation landscape in the beauty sector

How is the beauty sector evolving to offer consumer products that both provide new levels of performance and are sustainable by design? You will hear from existing cosmetic ingredient suppliers, emerging players including start-ups and the world leading beauty company L’Oréal.

Hosted by Fabien Deswarte, Strategic Partnerships for Sustainability Group Leader, L’Oreal

Douwina Bosscher, CTO – Director of Innovation, Oleon
Isabelle Malcuit, CSO, Algentech
Sasha Calder, Head of Impact, Geno


Building the world’s first FDCA plant

In this talk Tom van Aken, CEO of Avantium will talk about the progress on the commercialization and the construction of the world’s first PEF production facility in the Netherlands. PEF is a 100% plant-based polyester that has significantly lower CO2 footprint and is fully recyclable.

Tom van Aken, Chief Executive Officer, Avantium


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Bio-based polymer markets and policy in the EU and China

Providing the latest information on 17 commercially available bio-based polymers, their applications and markets. The global capacity and production of bio-based polymers had an impressive CAGR of 17% between 2013 and 2018. The main demand drivers are Asia and North America, with Europe lagging behind. The main difference between the regions is the policy framework. Here the policy framework for bio-based materials in Europe and China will be presented and discussed.

Michael Carus, Founder & CEO, nova-Institute


Thoughtleadership for independent leaders

Thoughtleadership is not about shouting into the void but engaging stakeholders in a credible way. As industry leaders, we have a valuable contribution to make. Here we explore how to build your profile and your credibility in a way that can change culture.

Kathryn Sheridan, CEO & Founder, Sustainability Consult


Panel Discussion + Q&A

Is the current and future investment landscape a glass half empty or a glass half full?

After strong growth in recent years, investments in bio dipped in 2023. A panel of investment experts discuss the reasons for the dip, what can be expected in 2024 and beyond and how to ensure you are one of the bio developers successful in your quest for funding.

Hosted by Xandra Weinbeck, Senior Business Development Manager – Materials – Circular Economy, Invest-NL

Fredric Petit, Partner, Emerald Technology Ventures
Kirsten Herben-Steinbusch, Program Director, Biobased Circular
Michael Nettersheim, Managing Partner, European Circular Bioeconomy Fund


Closing remarks & networking drinks