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Why finance, investor and accelerator should attend:


with exciting new start-ups and budding entrepreneurs brimming with fresh ideas


insights into the challenges and opportunities that are shaping the growing bio-economy


old allies & new partners & set aside dedicated meeting time with our partnering programme


your organisation as a leader in sustainable investment ahead of the competition

Key sessions

  • Bio-Stars and investment trends
    24th March – 16:00 – 17:30
  • Harnessing alternative feedstocks and waste streams platforms
    24th March – 11:10 – 12:45
  • Using synthetic biology to increase efficiency and develop new products
    25th March – 13:45 – 14:45

Key speakers

Mark Weustink

Mark Weustink

Head of Sustainable Investments, ING Wholesale Banking
Tato Bigio

Tato Bigio

Co-Founder and CEO, UBQ Materials
Michael Krel

Michael Krel

Partner, Industrial Biotech Team, Sofinnova

Confirmed attending companies

  • What has been possible to produce from oil, is now doable based on biomass. World Bio Markets shows the technologies and business models leading to this new carbon-neutral economy.
    Sulev Alajoe, Director of Regional Business Development in West Estonia, Estonian Investment Agency

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